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The function of tyre pattern
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In short, the main function of tyre pattern is to increase the friction between tread and road surface to prevent wheel skidding, which is the same as sole pattern.

The tread pattern improves the grounding elasticity of tread. Under the action of tangential force between tread and pavement (such as driving force, braking force and transverse force), the tread pattern can produce greater tangential elastic deformation. With the increase of tangential force, the tangential deformation increases, and the "friction effect" of the contact surface increases, thus restraining the trend of tread and pavement skidding or skidding. To a great extent, it eliminates the flaw of the smooth tread tire which is easy to slip, and ensures the normal performance of the automobile related to the friction performance between tire and road, such as power, braking, steering maneuverability and driving safety.

Some studies have shown that the friction between tread and pavement is mainly caused by adhesion between the two surfaces, molecular gravity and micro-cutting of small-sized convex pavement. However, the elastic deformation of the tread blocks still plays a major role.

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