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Introduction of tyre pattern
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(1) Single guide pattern

Single guiding pattern is a pattern groove connected with each other, showing an independent pattern block structure. It has excellent braking performance, excellent drainage performance, excellent stability in rainy days, suitable for high-speed driving. However, the installation position of the tire must be the same as the driving direction. It is suitable for high-speed cars.

(2) Block pattern

The pattern grooves are connected with each other and have independent pattern block structure. It has superior braking and handling performance, superior control and stability performance on snow and wet roads, and good drainage performance in rainy days. But it has independent pattern block structure and poor wear resistance. Scope of application: All-weather and snow tires for cars, rear wheels for commercial vehicles.

(3) Asymmetric pattern

The tread with asymmetrical pattern has different shape on both sides of the tread. Because it increases the landing pressure of the lateral pattern during turning, it greatly improves the high-speed turning performance and complements the wear resistance of the lateral pattern. But we must pay attention to the correct direction of tire installation. It is more suitable for competitive vehicles and high performance vehicles.

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